Palestinian home set ablaze under volleys of tear gas
January 28, 2011

A Palestinian home in Baten al-Hawa have been set ablaze from tear gas fired inside by Israeli troops. The house, located close to Beit Yonatan settlement, was fired upon by the military, the red-hot cannisters causing the contents of the home to catch alight. Three Palestinian residents of the home were injured and transferred to hospital. Clashes in Baten al-Hawa between Israeli troops, police and settlers and Palestinian residents have intensified as a result. Eyewitnesses report that the fire has spread to a neighboring house. 12-year-old boy was injured by a rubber bullet in his face. Clashes have spread to Al-Thouri and Ras al-Amoud district. Imams of this neighborhood are broadcasting messages through mosque speakers warning people to take care amidst the violence.