Arrest extensions for 3 men from Silwan, ten prisoners released in al Essawiye
January 5, 2013

The Israeli Magistrates court has extended the arrest of 3 men from Silwan. Ten men from al Essawiye have been released, under various different conditions. The Wadi Hilweh Information Centre has revealed the names of the three men from Silwan as Amer Zeidani, Ibrahim Odeh, Samah Sarhan.

The released men from al Essawiye are: Fadi abdalla Mahmood, The brothers Muhammad and Ayman Jamal Ateye, Moneer Kayed Mahhmood, T'aer al Za'tari, Sabri Mhesen, Reyad Mhesen, Muhammad Raed Mhesen, Ali Ahmad Jad alla, Ahmad Atef Abeed and Ahmad Faisal Abeed. Conditions included a 1000NIS bail and 5 days of house arrest.