Father of prisoners dies, funeral attended by many in Jerusalem
January 10, 2013

Many people in Jerusalem attended the funeral of al Haj Isshak Abu Tayeh, father of prisoners Basel and Yussef Abu Tayeh, after the noon prayers at al Aqsa Mosque. He was burried in the Rahma cemetery in East Jerusalem.Released prisoners and members of prisoners committees were amongst those who attended the funeral.

Haj Abu Tayeh from Silwan,  died aged 70. He died hoping for the release of his sons and the release of the other prisoners.
The prisoners' parents committee of Jerusalem said the Haj Abu Tayeh had become very ill and only saw his sons once in the last 4 years.  His wife and sons applied to the prisons' administration asking them to allow the father to visit his sons but they were rejected.
Yussef Abu Tayeh (34) was sentenced in 10 years in prison, he is single. His brother Basel (36) is married, has 2 children and he was sentenced in 10 years in prison. He has served 4 years of his sentence. He is being held in Nafha's prison.

ابو تايه 3

ابو تايه 2

ابو تايه

كريم،باسل ويوسف أبو تايه

The prisoners' parents committee and the Palestinian Prisoners' club have sent condolences to the family of Abu Tayeh.