Prisoner solidarity activists stand in the snow at Al Aqsa
January 11, 2013

Demonstrators raised signs with supporting statements and pictures of  hunger striking prisoners and other prisoners held by the Israeli authorities at Al Aqsa in Jerusalem.

One of the participators said : "We are standing in the yards of the holly Aqsa mosque that symbolizes a big part of the Islam, during the cold to deliver a message to the world that we will not leave our prisoners alone. They are the symbol of our dignity, and despite the cold and the oppression we will stand by them. We"ll pray to god that he'll keep them warm until we meet them again in this holy mosque."
A child participant named Khaled said: "I am part of this gathering to tell the world that our prisoners are suffering inside of the occupation's prisons, and today with the cold they are suffering more and the whole world must stand by them."
The march was arranged by the Prisoner's club and the Prisoners' parents committee in Jerusalem

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