Israeli Magistrate court extends arrest of 7 people from Silwan for investigations
January 14, 2013

On Monday, the Israeli Magistrates court extended the arrest of 7 people from Silwan.

Lawyer Muhammad Mahmood from al Damir organization said that Amer Zidani (17) Ibrahim Odeh (23) Samah sarhan (19) Muhammad Abu sanad (18) will be held  until  next Wednesday for investigations.

 Lawyer Mahmood said that Tarek Odeh (17) has had his arrest extended until next Sunday after Israeli police raided his house at dawn on the 15thJanuary.He was transferred to the Maskubiye police cells for investigation.

 The court also extended the arrest of Khalid Abu Sanad (17) and Mahmood Sarhan (17) until next Wednesday even though they were arrested on the 5th of November 2012.