Israeli Mayor of occupied Jerusalem announces the opening of a new street
January 14, 2013

 Neer Barakat, the mayor of the occupation's municipality opened the new Wadi al Joz main street after the completion of the project "Improving the basic foundations in the street". Israeli forces were in the area and a Hot-Air Balloon was in the sky to document the event.

Locals in the area expressed their discontent over such a minor improvement when so many inner streets and roads needs to be fixed and improved, street lights are needed, pavements need to be put in as well as parking lots and roads to cross the street. Many had also received parking fines of between 250-500 NIS on an almost daily basis since the repairs on the street began.
The locals also commented that the street opening won't change the policy of the municipality which includes building demolitions and confiscations in East Jerusalem. Dozens of buildings are a threat of demolition in areas such as Al Sawane and Al Toor and there is a threat of confiscation of buildings in Al Sheikh Jarrah.
Locals added that the street was built to serve the settlement near to Wadi al Joz, as it is a connecting point between many of the settlements in East Jerusalem (such as those in Al Sheikh Jarrahm, Al Sawane, al Toor, Silwan)

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