Israeli forces prevent help reaching Bedouins in al Agwar
January 20, 2013

Israeli forces have prevented participants in "The Winter delivery" ,organised by The Network Radio Raya FM, from delivering help to the Bedouins of al Ag'war.

Ma'an Samara, the director of Raya FM, told Wadi Hilwe's Information Center that they were surprised in the morning when they saw Border police on the way to al Ag'war. The 'delivery' participants were stopped near each border; the first in Al Oja, and the second on the entrance of Jericho and the third near Road 90.

Samara confirmed that they tried to enter al Ag'war through many roads but they faced border police everywhere, despite the fact that it had been agreed that they could take 5 trucks (containing sheets, winter clothes...) to al Ag'war alongside 5 other truck that belongs to Palestinian activists, reporters and Raya's staff.

 Instead, Border Police allowed them to enter the area of Fasayel al Wusta without the trucks. They were then given 45 minutes there and were surrounded. They then received threatening phone calls from the Israeli forces ordering them to leave in 20 minutes or face arrest.
The Southern side of Ag'war, the area of "Al maleh wal Hilu - The Salty and the Sweet", is completely closed and considered an Israeli military area where no one is allowed to enter.
Three thousand people live there in tents under the constant threat of demolition