Child prisoner from Silwan released on bail and ordered to Hebron
January 20, 2013

 The judge of the Israeli magistrate court decided to release the 14 year old Amir al Faroukh from Silwan,  after he spent 2 days under arrest.He is accused of throwing stones at Israeli forces.
He was released under the condition of paying a bail of 5000 NIS and having a 'back up' bail of another 8000 NIS bail. The court orders state that he must stay away from home in Silwan and should reside in Hebron.
Rami al Farouk (Amir's uncle) told Wadi Hilwe's Information Center: "The judge refused to put him under house arrest in Ras al Amoud or Silwan. He refused to allow him to go to his house and get his things such as clothes and school books and instead ordered him to go straight from al Maskubiye prison to Hebron. This decision will effect Amir in a bad way because he will be away from his family and house and won't go to school."
His uncle went on to explain about the investigation: "They attacked him whilst putting pressure on him to confess to the accusations against him, even though he was with a broken bone in his neck... but the police kept pressuring him and hitting his neck - that's what the child told the court."
Wadi Hilwe's information center confirms that the Israeli forces arrested Amir last Wednesday while he was buying Falafel from one of the restaurants in Ein al Lawza in Silwan.A Toyota car came with soldiers from the Border Soldiers in it. Amir was dragged into the car and taken to the Maskubiye police station. The family were informed through a phone call telling them that their son is under investigation.