The Israeli police releases Mahmood Qaraeen after paying a bail
January 28, 2013

The Israeli police released on Sunday evening Mahmood Qaraeen after paying a bail, he was held for 4 hours under investigations after he was accused in attacking and assaulting a group of the Israeli forces while they were doing their jobs in Silwan
The Israeli forces arrested Mahmood Qaraeen - part of Wadi Hilwe's Information Center - while he was covering and filming the demolition and the bulldozing that was happening in Wadi al Rababe in Silwan, then he was transferred to investigations in Salah Edin's st.
Mahmood rejected the accusations they claimed, he said he was in Beer Ayoub to do his job, and during it one of the people their asked Mahmood to translate to the police something in Hebrew, ask him to translate that they wish to transfer a woman to the ambulance since the roads where closed as a result of the demolishing operation, while Mahmood tried to translate he was pushed and attacked then they pulled the Taser against him
Mahmood says:" I was beaten with the guns, the hands and the feet of the soldiers, then i was taken to the police car and stayed there about an hour, with the doors and the windows closed and no air condition, i felt very chocked inside"
Where he reached the Salah Edin's police station he was investigated in Hebrew, he was threatened to be removed from the sensitive areas in Jerusalem, most of the investigation was based on his job in covering the happenings in Jerusalem
The police told him: "We regret treating you this good, next time we will change your face"

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