Three men from Jerusalem arrested for stone throwing
January 27, 2013

 Israeli forces arrested three men from the old city of Jerusalem on 27/01/13 and took them to the investigation center. They are suspected of throwing stones.
The 3 young men are: Mahmood Mousa al Shaloudi (22)- he was arrested after a raid at al Laklak Tower organization's center. They claimed they were looking for the one who threw stones. They also arrested al Shaloudi and then Mahmood Dahud while they were in the area. They were transferred to the center of Asbat's gate. They then arrested the 33 year old Ammar al Mag'ribi while he was near al Sahira gate in Jerusalem.
Eye witnesses said that when Israeli forces arrested al Mag'ribi there were verbal confrontation between him and the forces before they attacked and ripped his shirt and took him to Salah Edin's police center.

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