Confrontations, arrests, house demolition and bulldozing land in Wadi al Rababe - Silwan
January 28, 2013

Israeli authorities have bulldozed a wide piece of land in Wadi al Rababe in Silwan, demolished a house, rooms and a caravan in the area.
Palestinian locals in Wadi al Rababe said that a combination of Israeli forces were out (The Border Soldiers, Police, Special Forces, Horsemen and Dogs) and that they surrounded the area and prevent the citizens to enter the areas, to get to schol or work.
Wadi Hilwe's information center reveals that the bulldozed land belongs to the Samrin family, whilst the house and uprooted trees belonged to the Shweki family and Shkare family.
Physical confrontations occurred between the Israeli forces and the locals during the attack on Palestinian land.
Eight people were then arrested after they were physically attacked, among them were: Firas Awad Samrin (33), Ali Samrin, Khaled al Zir, Sami Shkare (30) Mahmood Qaraeen from the Wadi Hilwe Information Center, Omar Samarin.
Women and reporters were also attacked and the dogs were released to attack the citizens.
Samarin's family has confirmed that the municipality did not have any warrants to bulldoze their land.
Shweki's family
The bulldozers demolished a parking lot for the cars and a caravan, then bulldozed a land that belongs to the citizen Abd al Minem Shweki that said to the center: "We were surprised to see many Israeli forces this morning, they bulldozed the land, took off the wires that's around it, uprooted trees that were more than 10 years old, demolished a parking lot and a caravan,  and a path that leads to our house."
He confirmed that a month ago he received a warrant asking him to remove the wire fence since they had no permits for it,despite the fact that it has stood for the last 10 years.
Bulldozing the lands, uprooting the trees and the Sanitation network
The Nature and Parks Authority is continuing to bulldoze the lands in Wadi al Rababe, even though these lands are located alongside the land that they took for Jewish cemeteries .
Ahmad Samreen told Wadi Hilwe's Information Center that he shows the officer the Tabou paper that confirms that the land belongs to his family, but the officer ignored him. Samreen stated that his family owns 11 acres and it is registered in the Tabou since 1892 under the name of his grandfather Awad Samrin. The Israeli authorities are not allowing them to use the land as they claim it is a National Park.
Demolition Shkare's family
Bulldozers demolished a room that belongs to the citizens Faraj Shkare. The building has stood since 1956.
The family said that the room was the living room of the house, but the demolition also damaged an old room as well as the  entrance to the house.
The family confirmed that the forces are planning to demolish the house of Ayman Shkare where a family of 4 people live. It was built 11 years ago.
 Three women were injured in Silwan during the latest Israeli operation. Jamila Shkare got a clot during the demolition and she was transferred to the hospital. Sa'da Shkare was injured from a Sound Bomb in her foot. Whilst Al Haje Badriye Abu Snene (85) was chcked from a tear gas.
The staff at the Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that the Israeli forces have not been allowing the medical treatment when it is needed.


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