Warrants to demolish houses and caravans in Anata's village
January 30, 2013

 Municipality workers have delivered warrants  for houses and caravans demolitions to locals in the the east of Anata claiming there are no permits
Majdi Fuhidat, one of the locals, said that the  Israeli forces, alongside the municipality workers, raided al Fuhidat and the Kamout area and delivered the warrants.They also forced older citizens out of their houses into the cold and went in to take
pictures and videos of the house for 3 hours.
Makdi Fuhidat said that 13 families got warrants to their houses and warrants for 10 caravans. They have been given until 7.2.13 to appeal.
He adds that al Fuhidat area is 57 acres and the demolition is to pave a way to extend Antout's military. Since 2006 the locals have suffered from the pressures on them from the occupation.