Silwan: Extending the arrest of children whilst releasing 3 others to a house arrest
January 30, 2013

The Israeli Magistrate court has extended the arrest of 15 year old Muhammad Ahmad al Abassi from Silwan until Friday for investigations.
Wadi Hilwe's Information Center says that the prosecution demanded to extend the Abassi child for 7 more days of investigations in the Maskubiye police station. The Judge extended his arrest until Friday accusing him in throwing molotov cocktails in Silwan.
According to the Center, the Israeli authorities raided al Abassi's house yesterday dawn to arrest him but he wasn't there so they gave the warrant to his family.
The family says it is the second arrest for the child, with the first taking place 2 years ago.
The Magistrate court extended the arrest of Alaa Abu Sanad (15) , Nabil al Shaloudi (15) until next Friday
The main Court extended the arrest of Tarek Odeh (17) and Muhammad Siyam (16) until 7.2.13.
Releasing for a house arrest
The judge at the Magistrates court also decided to release 3 children from Silwan after a bail was paid and they were placed under the condition of a house arrest.
The children: Alaa Tawfik Abu Tayeh and his cousin Majdi Warl Abu Tayeh (both 14) and
Munzer Reyad al Abassi (15).
The Information Center of Wadi Hilwe discovered that the children  got 2 weeks of a house arrest until the day of the trial , each paid 1000 NIS bail, and they are allowed to leave the house only to attend school.
The center confirmed that the Israeli forces arrested the children from their house on the dawn of last Wednesday after raiding their house in Silwan.
 Also, the Israeli police requested to investigate the 14 year old Amir Faroukh in al Maskubiye police station. His family said that the police took his prints and took photos of him without investigating him. He was then released 2 hours afterwards.