During May, the arrest of 150 Jerusalemites and demolition of 13 institutions along with an increase of settlers’ attacks in Jerusalem
June 9, 2013

Wadi Hilweh Information Center monitored the Israeli violations against Jerusalemites in the city during the month of May. The occupation authorities increased their arrest and demolition campaigns, in addition to provoking peaceful protests and the violation of freedom of speech, in addition to the escalation of extremist settlers’ attacks on citizens. The arrest of 150 Jerusalemites including 3 women and 40 minors The center monitored the arrest of approximately 150 Jerusalemites, and among the detainees were 20 minors aged between 15 and 18 years and 20 children aged between 7 and 15 years of age. Three women were also arrested, where one of them was after provoking a peaceful protest in Jerusalem, and a mother and her daughter after raiding their home. The minors were arrested using different ways this month, as some of them were arrested in the early morning hours from their homes, on their way to school or after getting off school, or while participating in peaceful protests and sit-ins in the city, knowing that most of the arrest in the streets were done by the undercover police units (Musta’ribeen). The Information Center confirmed the illegality of the arrests of children - according to Israeli and international laws - where they were arrested at dawn from their homes, without allowing one of their parents to accompany them in the police car; they were also handcuffed as well as intimidating and assaulting them during the arrest. Demolition of houses and commercial stores The last two weeks of May witnessed a wide demolition campaign that was executed by the occupation’s municipality and under supervision of the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority. The center confirms that most of the houses that were demolished were located in lands that are targeted to be confiscated and used for “Nations Parks” around the city of Jerusalem, or lands to be confiscated for public facilities use. During May, the Israeli bulldozers demolished 10 houses in Jerusalem (Beit Hanina, Jabal Al-Mukabber, Al-Tur, Jabal Al-Masharef, and Shu’fat) and 80 individuals became homeless where most of them are children. Two houses were self-demolished in Salah Eddin Street; a car dealership was also demolished in Sheikh Jarrah and a garage in Hizma, in addition to closing down three commercial stores in Hizma since they were not used by the owner. The occupation authorities continued their raze works in the area of Umayyad palaces south of Al-Aqsa Mosque and in Al-Buraq square to implement the Israeli settlements schemes. The occupation’s municipality distributed demolition notices on a number of houses in Jerusalem, under the pretext of building without a permit, in addition to the issuance of an administrative decision to demolish part of Ras Al-Amood mosque. Settlers’ attacks and assaults Settlers carried out several attacks against Jerusalemites and their properties in the month of May. One extremist settler attacked the taxi driver, Ibrahim Khalil Shawish 51, as the settler stabbed him 6 times in different places of the body. Another group of settlers attacked some children from Silwan (Mahmoud Gheith), Thaer Maswadeh, Mahdi Al-Banna, Mutasem Siam) while walking by in the old city, and wounded one of them with a deep cut in the head after hitting him with a metal piece; another settler from Silwan assaulted a child from the village. Settlers known as “payback” increased their attacks against the Jerusalemites’ properties, as they damaged the tires of 20 cars and sprayed racist slogans on the cars in the areas of (Al-Simar, Sheikh Jarrah, Shu’fat, and the old city). They also wrote racist slogans on the door and walls of a church in Mount Zion in Jerusalem. Towards the end of the month, Hajj Talal Abu Sarah and his three sons were injured with mild injuries after being assaulted by the Israeli police forces that were in civilian clothes that raided their car dealership in Atarot north of Jerusalem. The victims were: Hajj Talal 63 and suffered bruises and cuts in his hand after being hit with a metal piece, Raed 40 who had a broken rib in his rib cage, Rami who suffered a broken rib and an injury in his head and Mansour who had several bruises. The light trail security attacked the Jerusalemite Mohammad Abu Rammouz and injured him with several bruises and wounds. In a different matter, the union of “Ateerat Lyoshna” seized two commercial stores in the old city, under the pretext that they were Jewish property before 1948. The settlers also tried to seize an apartment that belongs to Jaber family in Shu’fat as they tried to manipulate the Israeli Magistrate Court decision. There social security and tax employees along with the intelligence carried out daily raids on the commercial stores and neighbourhoods of the old city; several houses in the neighbourhood of Bab Hutta were also raided and the residents were assaulted with no reason. Violation of the sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque Violations of the sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque continued in the month of May, as it was raided by dozens of settlers and soldiers. It is also interesting that there were attempts to raid it through Lions Gate and King Faisal Gate; two officers raided the Dome of the Rock. In a dangerous precedent, one Israeli settler performed her religious rituals by Al-Qataneen Gate as she was wearing a white suit; member of the Knesset from Likud party and deputy of the minister of transport “Tsepe Hatopoli” raided Al-Aqsa a day before her wedding.