Extension of arrest for 5 Jerusalemites
June 6, 2013

The Israeli Magistrate court extended the arrest of Izz Eddin Aton from the village of Esawyeh until the 19th of June, when the “conducts officer” report is released, knowing that he was recently transferred from Al-Maskobyeh to the prison of Nafha. The court also extended the arrest of Amir and Ahmad Abu Sbitan and Amir Farroukh until next Sunday, on charges of throwing stones at the settlers of “Bet Aort” in Al-Tur, knowing that they were arrested last Wednesday. Eyewitnesses said that the undercover units (Musta’ribeen) arrested them and took them to an open area and assaulted and hit them. The court also extended the arrest of Ahmad Dirbas from Esawyeh until next Sunday.