The release of the child Ismaeel Mheisen after threatening to rape him!!
June 13, 2013

The Israeli Magistrate court released on Thursday the child Ismaeel Mheisen 13, after he was detained for a week in Al-Maskobyeh on charges of “burning yards in a mountain in Esawyeh”. The child’s father explained that the Magistrate court judge released his son on condition of staying away from the mountain in Esawyeh (between Hadassah hospital and the military camp) for three months, and banned him from talking to his friends who are facing the same charge for three months, and with a bail of 1000 NIS and signing a bail of 5000 NIS. Ismaeel’s father also said that one of the investigators threatened his son during one of the investigation session to bring a man from Sudan to rape him in order to force him to confess that he had committed what they are accusing him of, noting that the judge ordered to investigate this matter.