Israeli forces arrest the father to force the son to turn himself in
June 12, 2013

The Israeli Magistrate court extended on Wednesday the arrest of the child Saleh Bassam Abu Nab 14, until Thursday on charges of throwing stones on a military vehicle. Saleh’s mother told Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the intelligence personnel and borders security police raided their home in Ras Al-Amood in Silwan on Tuesday where her 12-year old daughter was home alone as she was in town with her son Saleh, noting that the forces searched the house looking for Saleh and refused to leave until he comes back. She added: “I arrived two hours later and the forces were still surrounding the house. Saleh did not come back with me as he stayed with his friends in town and one of the policemen refused to leave insisting that he will wait for Saleh, and upon the arrival of Saleh’s father to the house, the forces arrested him and took him to Al-Maskobyeh, and the police told the family that they will not release the father until Saleh turns himself in.” Saleh’s mother also said: “my son, Saleh, turned himself in around 8 p.m. to Al-Maskobyeh police, and his father was released right away with no conditions.” It is noteworthy that this is the third time Saleh gets arrested. The first time was when he was 10 years old and then in 2011 he was arrested again and was sentenced for 3 weeks of house arrest.