Extremists attack Hajja Fathiya Ajaj and severely beat her
June 17, 2013

  Hajja Fathiya Mohammad Ajaj 75 was injured with bruises after three extremists attacked her while being in Der Yassin in west Jerusalem. Abed, Fathiya’s son, said that his mother was visiting his brother in a hospital in Der Yassin, and as she left the hospital and was waiting for a car to take her home, three extremists wearing the “kippa” attacked her and severely beat her until she lost consciousness. Ajaj added: “the settlers tried to take off my mother’s veil (hijab), and ripped part of her dress and while doing that they were saying racist words such as “death for Arabs.” He pointed out that an “Egged” bus driven by an Arab driver passed by and rescued his mother along with two other young men, while the extremist settlers managed to escape from the area; Fathiya was taken home to Jabal Al-Mukabber in a car. Abed added: “after my mother arrived home, we went to Jabal Al-Mukabber police station to file a claim against the settlers. The police investigated the incident and questioned my mother, and then we went to a Kopat Holim clinic in the neighbourhood where she was given artificial respiration and took a shot, and told us that she had bruises in her head, stomach and legs. Then we took her home and she is in bed feeling lots of pain in her head and body.”