Israeli authorities seek to dig a well in the lands of Wadi Al-Rababeh
June 18, 2013

The company “Mekorot Water” announced on Monday their intent to implement a project of digging a well for water and building in the neighborhood of Wadi Al-Rababeh in Silwan in cooperation with the occupation’s municipality; the company’s employees along with the municipality hung a banner on those lands. Wadi Hilweh Information Center said in a statement issued on Monday that according to the announcement, the municipality seeks to convert what is called (A’ M-9) to (A’M-Q), which means to convert the land from an open public area to an organized project area to build an artesian water well facility belonging to the “Mekorot” company, and according to the announcement, the residents have the right to object within 60 days. The Center added that the authorities responsible for the project are also trying to allocate a portion of the open land “national park” to the path of the vehicles so that they can have access to the well, and under the terms of the project, an area of 52 square meters has been allocated for construction of two floors where the second floor will be above ground, knowing that the project will be implemented on a 30-dunom land that belongs to the people of Silwan and the monastery. Shadi Sumrein, a resident of the area, explained that the residents of Wadi Al-Rababeh are prevented from repairing or agriculture or building in their lands under the pretext of being (national parks), even though the residents have the original Turkish papers that prove their ownership of the land with the approval of the Israeli Lands Department, and Ministry of Justice, referring to the demolition and bulldozing process that took place in the lands of Wadi Al-Rababeh at the end of last January, where the locals have been prevented from rehabilitating or renovating the roads leading to their homes since then. The Center warned from the seizure of wide areas of lands in Wadi Al-Rababeh to implement the settlement projects to serve the settlers in the area, point out that the settlers have applied to open a restaurant in the neighborhood but the residents objected. The Center also pointed out that the occupation’s municipality had placed water tanks and pumps in the area of Wadi Al-Rababeh about a year ago to suck the water of Bi’er Ayoub and Ein Al-Lozeh, while the residents are prevented from using it.

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