Arresting 15 citizens from Ezaryeh and Abu Dis
January 28, 2014

The Israeli forces arrested 15 citizens after Monday midnight from the villages of Ezaryeh and Abu Dis. The detainees who included children and boys are: Mohammad Mujahed Abu Rumi, Ahmad Mohammad Jamous, Mohammad Hasan Bassa, Karim Shaja’yeh, Mohammad Basem Abu Alreesh, Abdel Salam Yousef Alsinawi, Samer Sandouka, Amjad Khatib, Mus’ab Salah, Ziad Khalil Sabe’ and his brother Tarek, Mohammad Ali Fir’on, Muntaser Gheith and his brother Hani and Mohammad Eyad Zuhdi Edwan. During the arrests, the Israeli forces raided houses and damaged the contents and also searched the houses of the detainees in addition to searching several cars. Among the houses that were searched was the house of Jamal Bassa, Secretary of the Organizing Committee of Ezaryeh, and gas grenades were fired inside it. Violent clashes broke out in Ezaryeh and Abu Dis between the young men and occupation forces. In a related matter, the forces distributed flyers that had names and pictures of fathers and asked them to stop their sons from carrying out “terrorist” operations. The flyers delivered clear messages of threat to the families.