An evacuation order for a residential building in the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah
January 28, 2014

A group of settlers led by “Aryeh King” raided the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem on Tuesday night and handed an evacuation order to a residential building in the neighborhoods. The Jerusalemite activist, Saleh Diab, said that a group of settler led by the godfather of settlement “Aryeh King” raided the western side of the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah on Tuesday night and broke into “Omega” education institute and handed the administration an evacuation order in favor of the settlers and assaulted and beat a number of students. Diab added that verbal altercations and clashes using hands broke out between the settlers and students who tried to defend themselves. Upon arrival of the police, they removed the settlers from the institute and refused to listen to the students’ complaints and asked them to head to the police stations to file an official complaint. Diab explained that the evacuation order is signed by “Aryeh King” and is not issued by any Israeli court and the order gave the institute 14 days to evacuate; note that the building consists of two floors (an education institute on the first floor and a coffee shop on the second). He also pointed out that the godfather of settlement who is currently a member of the occupation’s municipality often distributes evacuation order in favor of the settlers for several houses and establishments in the neighborhood.  

معهد الشيخ جراح

معهد اوميغا