Extending the arrest of 12 Jerusalemites….four of them arrested on Tuesday
February 11, 2014

The Magistrate court judge extended on Tuesday the arrest of 13 Jerusalemites. Mohammad Mahmoud, Al-Dameer organization lawyer, said that the Magistrate court extended the arrest of 8 Jerusalemite minors until Thursday where four of them were arrested on Tuesday from the village of Esawyeh; they are: Sari Jaber (17), Firas Mahmoud (15), Bashar Mahmoud (15) and Mohammad Haitham Mahmoud (17). The judge also extended the arrest of 15-year old Mohammad Abu Sneineh; note that he was arrested on Monday night from inside Al-Aqsa Mosque. He also extended the arrest of Mahmoud Abu Roumi (16), Ahmad Darwish (16) and Khalil Naser (14) from the village of Esawyeh. Amer Yassin, Wadi Hilweh Information Center lawyer, said that the Magistrate court judge extended the arrest of Ali Da’na and Fouad Alqaq until Wednesday while 16-year old Raed Jada’ will be detained until 20/02/2014 and Ahmad Turki until 25/02/2014; note that they were arrested last Friday during the clashes that broke out in the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque. Extending the house arrest imposed on a child In a related matter, lawyer Yassin explained that the District court extended on Tuesday the house arrest imposed on 14-year old Othman Amer Is’eed until 06/03/2014; note that he has been under house arrest for 45 days and hasn’t been going to school. The District court postponed on Tuesday the court session of 15-year old Obaida Is’eed until 18/02/2014 to hear the witnesses regarding the charges of throwing Molotov cocktails. Is’eed family said that Othman and Obaida’ mother was detained and was prevented from attending her sons’ court session after verbal altercations broke out between her and the female soldier inside the court on Tuesday. The mother was forced to leave the court room to take her baby outside since she was crying and when she came back, she was denied entrance.