Arresting two young men, extending the arrest of others and releasing two children on condition of house arrest
February 12, 2014

The Israeli police arrested two young men from the neighbourhood of Bab Hutta on Wednesday and assaulted and severely beat them; they are: Mohammad Ajloni and Mohammad Joulani. Witnesses said that 19-year old Mohammad Ajloni and Mohammad Joulani were in Salah Eddin Street and verbal altercations broke out between them and the municipality employee. A police force arrived and arrested and assaulted both of them as well as assaulting one of the young men’s mother after she tried to see her son. Mohammad Mahmoud, Al-Dameer organization lawyer, said that the Magistrate court judge decided to extend the arrest of Ra’ouf Abu Rayaleh and Mohammad Haitham Mahmoud until Thursday to continue interrogating them. The Magistrate court judge released the two minors Ali Da’na and Fouad Alqaq on condition of house arrest until 21/07/2014 with allowing them to go to school with a companion. They also have to hand themselves in on the same date to serve two months in prison on charges of throwing stones in Al-Aqsa Mosque; note that they are in their senior year in school (Tawjihi). Alqaq added that he was arrested by one of the Musta’ribin (undercover police) and was taken to Lions Gate police center where he and Da’na were assaulted by the Israeli soldiers.