Two Jerusalemite young men turn themselves in and the release of another from Silwan
February 16, 2014

The administration of “Eishel” prison released on Sunday prisoner Thaer Samir Hasan Abbasi after completing his 10-month prison sentence where he was transferred in between several prisons. Thaer was arrested on 10/04/2013 on charges on being active in the Popular Front for the liberation of Palestine. On the other hand, 20-year old Ahmad Riyad Da’na and his 18/year old brother Mohammad turned themselves in to Al-Ramla prison to serve their 20-month prison sentence on charges of throwing Molotov cocktails at a settlement outpost in Silwan. Da’na family explained that their sons were arrested in June 2011 and were detained and interrogated and were then released with a financial bail and on condition of house arrest and isolation to Shu’fat; note that Ahmad was serving a house arrest sentence in Shu’fat and was arrested due to an old case.