Extending the arrest of 13 Jerusalemites
September 16, 2014

The Magistrate court extended the arrest of 13 Jerusalemites where most of them are minors and released a minor on condition of house arrest. Lawyer Mufeed Al-Hajj from the Prisoner’s Club and lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud from Al-Dameer organization explained that the Magistrate court judge extended the arrest of Mohammad Hamdan, Mahdi Abulhawa, Bilal Abulhawa, 16-year old Mohammad Saeed, the 17-year old twins Ali and Mohammad Shyoukhi, 16-year old Mohammad Rweidi and the two minors Ahmad Shweiki and Mohammad Rabay’a until Wednesday; note that they were arrested on Tuesday early morning after raiding their homes. Lawyer Mohammad explained that the District court judge extended the arrest of Mohammad Abu Sbitan until Wednesday even though the Magistrate judge decided to release him on Monday but the decision was appealed. The Magistrate judge also released the minor Al-Qaq on condition of house arrest for three days and a financial bail of 2000 NIS. Lawyer Al-Hajj added that the court extended on Tuesday the arrest of Laith Husseini and Mohammad Mheisein until Wednesday; note that they were arrested on Monday. The police arrested on Tuesday Mousa Abu Khdeir and Tarek Abu Khdeir. The mother of Mohammad and Ali Shyoukhi explained that the forces arrested her sons on Tuesday early morning hours after raiding their home. She pointed out that Mohammad was arrested a week ago on charges of throwing stones in Al-Aqsa Mosque and was released after being detained for four days on condition of isolation from Al-Aqsa for 21 days and a financial bail of 3000 NIS. She added that Mohammad was previously arrested four times while Ali was previously arrested twice. The first time was when they were 12 years old and they were arrested during the arrest of their sister Su’ad Shyoukhi. She also said that her son Firas is imprisoned in Rimon prison and her son Fares is under house arrest until completing all the legal procedures against him. In a call with the family of Mahdi Abulhawa, the family explained that Mahdi’s father has been detained for two weeks in Al-Maskobyeh on charges of assaulting an Israeli soldier and they extended his arrest for one month.