Demolishing 20 graves in the cemetery of Lions’ Gate (Martyr’ Cemetery)
September 21, 2014

The so-called Nature and Parks Authority demolished on Sunday 20 graves in the cemetery of Lions’ Gate under protection from the Israeli forces. Engineer Mustafa Abu Zahra, Chairman of the Committee Protecting the Islamic cemeteries in Jerusalem, said that the workers demolished 20 graves claiming that the land is confiscated by the Nature and Parks Authority. Abu Zahra explained that the land is and endowment that belongs to the Yusufiyah Cemetery, and few months ago several graves were built due to an actual need and some of them were used. Unfortunately, the workers of the Nature and Parks Authority demolished 20 empty graves. Abu Zahra denied the claims of the Israeli authority since the land is an endowment and pointed out that there is no need to obtain any permits from any Israeli authority to build graves in the Islamic cemeteries since the Islamic Awqaf is responsible for this matter. Abu Zahra added that hundreds of Jerusalemite Martyrs as well as Jordanian soldiers and personnel from the Popular Resistance who passed away in the 1967 war are buried in this cemetery.   unnamed (34)