A settler opens fire in “Al-Bazaar” market in the Old City of Jerusalem
January 10, 2015

A settler opened fire on Saturday night towards the young men and merchants in “Al-Bazaar” market in the Old City of Jerusalem. Witnesses said that a settler provoked the merchants and young men while he was walking in “Al-Bazaar” market and verbally assaulted them which resulted in verbal altercations and pushing between both parties. Witnesses added that the settler opened fire towards the citizens in the market but luckily no one was injured. The merchants pointed out that the settler lives in one of the settlement outposts in the Old City of Jerusalem and is always trying to provoke the citizens. The merchants explained that policemen arrived in the area and arrested the 24-year old Anwar Muna and also established checkpoints at the gates of the Old City and prevented citizens from going through. On the other hand, clashes broke out on Friday night in Al-Wad Street in the Old City between the Israeli forces and the young men after the arrest of two children near Al-Majles Gate; one of them was identified as the 13-year old Nasri Bashir Firawi. The spokesman of Burj Al-Laqlaq Paramedics Association, Wisam Hammoudeh, explained that the Israeli borders police harassed the young men on Saturday and checked their IDs and also assaulted a group of the African Community’s emergency room paramedics. They also physically assaulted two paramedics from Burj Al-Laqlaq emergency room and pushed them near Al-Hadeed (Iron) Gate which the paramedics were on an inspection tour to the volunteers of the emergency room.