Arresting 8 Jerusalemites from Silwan and a state of “alert” in the “Middle Neighborhood” after the burning of a settler’s car
January 10, 2015

The occupation forces arrested eight Jerusalemites on Saturday night from Silwan after a settler’s car that lives in one of the settlement outposts in the “Middle Neighborhood” was set on fire. Wadi Hilweh Information Center’s staff said that the Israeli Special Forces raided the “Middle Neighborhood” after the burning of the car and were deployed into its streets and alleys. They also established a checkpoint at Al-Ein Street and were stopping cars and checking the IDs of the young men. The Center’s staff added that the Israeli forces arrested Mahmoud Jaber (20), Mohammad Mustafa Shwayat (20), Hamzeh Jaber (20), Hamdi Jaber (14), Khaled Castero (20), Fares Abu Nab (19), Khalil Risheq (15) and Murad Castero (21). The forces also detained the IDs of several young men in the “Middle Neighborhood”. Wadi Hilweh Center was also informed that the forces raided the house of Abed Zaytoon and pushed his wife, and also raided the house of Nidal Zaytoon and checked the IDs of the young men who were inside the house. received_755377161206968.jpegreceived_755378227873528.jpegreceived_755378761206808.jpegreceived_755384127872938.jpeg