The occupation arrests 12 Jerusalemites where most of them are minors
January 14, 2015

The Israeli occupation authorities arrested 11 Jerusalemites on Wednesday early morning after raiding their houses in the villages and neighborhoods of Jerusalem and transferred them to Al-Maskobyeh interrogation center in West Jerusalem. Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the Israeli authorities arrested Qusai Da’na from Silwan, Ahmad Abu Hummos from Esawyeh, Mohammad Abu Jom’a from Al-Tur, Ibrahim Dandis from Ras Al-Amoud, Ibrahim Shamasneh, Muhsen Aton and Mohammad Bkeirat; note that they are all minors. The head of Jerusalemites prisoners and detainees families committee explained that the forces also arrested Mahmoud Muna and called his brother Mohammad for interrogation; note that they are both from the Old City of Jerusalem. They also arrested Murad Bkeirat and Rami Bkeirat from the village of Sur Baher and Wahid Bakri from the Old City of Jerusalem. The forces also arrested the young men Hamzeh Malhas from Bab Hutta.