For the second consecutive day, firing grenades towards the students in Al-Tur
January 15, 2015

For the second consecutive day, the occupation forces were deliberately present in the main street of Al-Tur near the school-students and arrested the member of parents’ committee Amjad Al-Shami and also fired sound and tear gas grenades towards the students as they were leaving their schools. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed by Mufeed Abu Ghannam, head of follow-up committee in Al-Tur and member of the Central Committee of the parents of students, that the occupation Special Forces were stationed in the schools’ street that includes four schools right before the end of the school day. They arrested Amjad Al-Shami who is a member of the parents’ committee; note that he was present in front of the school to protect the children as they were leaving the school from the Israeli forces who tried to provoke them in several ways. Abu Ghannam added that the forces fired sound and tear gas grenades towards two schools and one child suffered a state of extreme fear. Abu Ghannam pointed out that the settlers and the Special Forces also raided two schools on Wednesday and fired sound grenades towards one schools as they were leaving.