In pictures: the occupation municipality demolishes a residential building in Shu’fat
January 21, 2015

The occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished on Wednesday a residential building in the neighborhood of Shu’fat north of Jerusalem. The 2-storey building (4 residential apartments) is owned by the families of Al-Mashni, Bshara and Mkheimar. The families were forces to close the building due to an order by the municipality’s court a year and a half ago until a building permit is obtained, but they were surprised a week ago when the District court ordered to demolish the building for “security reasons”; note that each apartment is 120 square meters. Walid Bshara explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the occupation court issued an order to demolish the building for security reasons. He added that the families built the building and finished it a year and a half ago but they were banned from residing in the building after the municipality forced them to close it until a permit is obtained. He added: “the families have tried to obtain a permit through the past year and a half and the municipality initially approved their application, but suddenly the court issued multiple orders to demolish the building; the last order was issued last week and the demolition was postponed from Tuesday until Wednesday morning. Bshara pointed out that the building cost them more than 500 thousand NIS and the families spent more than 40 thousand dollars to obtain the building permit and postpone the demolition throughout the 18 months.