Extending the arrest of three Jerusalemites and releasing three others
January 22, 2015

Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, said that the Magistrate court judge extended the arrest of Ahmad Zmurod until 26/1/2015 to submit an indictment against him that will include charges of throwing stones in the village of Esawyeh. The judge also extended the arrest of Mohammad Ajloni who is accused of stabling two borders police personnel until the beginning of next months, and Majd Sa’eedeh until 8/2/2015 which is when the so-called “conduct officer” will release his report and discuss the possibility of releasing him with a financial bail and house arrest. Lawyer Mahmoud added that the Magistrate judge decided to release Hussam Zmurod with a 500-NIS bail, house arrest for 5 days and a third-party bail of 5 thousand NIS. He also decided to release the 26-year old Ahmad Obeid with a 750-NIS bail, house arrest for 5 days and a third-party bail of 5 thousand NIS; note that he was arrested last Thursday on charges of “throwing stones” in Beit Hanina. The lawyer added that the judge decided to release the minor Nabil Mustafa with a 3-thousand NIS bail and house arrest until completing the legal procedures against him in addition to a 70thousand NIS third-party bail after the “conduct officer” released his report.