Ratifying the project of “Solid Waste” in Jerusalem on a 546-Dunom land
February 16, 2015

The occupation authorities ratified a plan to establish a “Solid Waste” area between the villages of Anata and Esawyeh on a 546-Dunom land. The settlement affairs researcher, Ahmad Sub Laban, explained that the plan has the number 13900 and includes the establishment of a landfill for solid waste which will be thrown in “Wadi Qasem” which is 745 meters deep and is located between the villages of Anata and Esawyeh. The purpose of the landfill is to fill the valley with the remnants of construction. After it is filled up, the intention is to turn this area into a public park that will belong to the occupation’s municipality. The researcher explained that nearly 150 citizens (30 families) live in this valley and they will be immediately evacuated in order to start with the infrastructure for this project which will include the establishment of roads and streets for the landfill.