Sentencing three young Jerusalemite men
February 16, 2015

The Magistrate court judge sentenced on Monday three young Jerusalemite men from the village of Esawyeh and the neighborhood of Al-Thori in Silwan for actual imprisonment. Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the Magistrate judge sentenced the 20-year old Mohammad Abdel Naser Obeid for 24 months of actual imprisonment and a suspended probation of 7 months for three years on charges of belonging to a “terrorist organization”, planning to carry out attacks inside the courtyard of the Wailing Wall and participating in clashes that broke out in Jerusalem. Lawyer Mahmoud added that his client was arrested on 11/11/2014. In a related matter, lawyer Mahmoud added that the judge sentenced Mohammad Julani for 9 months of actual imprisonment and a suspended probation of six months for three years, and sentenced Mutasem Tawil for 4 and a half months; note that they are from Al-Thori in Silwan and were both arrested at the end of last year and charged with throwing stones, Molotov Cocktails and firecrackers. A session was scheduled for Adham Abu Nijmeh on the 26th of February, 2015 and a sentencing session for Ahmad Zmurod was scheduled on 30/3/2015.