A session to discuss the settlement project “Kadam” in mid-March
February 16, 2015

The Israeli National Committee set the date of 12/03/2015 to hold a session and discuss the objections submitted against the “District Committee’s” decision of ratifying the project of “Kadam” (City of David) which will be implemented in the courtyard of Dung Gate near the entrance of Silwan south of Al-Aqsa Mosque. The occupation authorities will designate the “Kadam” building for scientists and the Israeli Antiquities authority in addition to building conference halls, educational rooms and parking lots for the tourists and settlers. Also, special area will be allocated for tourists’ purposes, commercial stores and offices for the settlement organization “Elad”. The settlement project will be established on the lands of the residents of Silwan which were used as farms until Jerusalem was occupied in 1967. After the occupation, the Israeli authorities confiscated the lands and demolished two rooms that were owned by Abdo family and then turned it into a parking lot. In 2003, Elad settlement organization took control of the lands and started planning for the implementation of the settlement project.