The Musta’ribeen set-up an ambush to arrest young men in the neighborhood of Ein Al-Lozeh in Silwan
May 2, 2015

The Musta’ribeen (undercover) unit raided on Saturday night the neighborhood of Ein Al-Lozeh in Silwan and fired live bullets in between the locals’ houses and towards the young men who were in the area. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that a group of young men threw a Molotov cocktail towards the settler’s guards’ vehicle when it passed in Ein Al-Lozeh Street. Suddenly, nearly 10 Musta’ribeen jumped out of the vehicle and chased the young men and fired live bullets towards them; they were supported by the Special Forces who randomly fired sound grenades. The center’s staff added that the Musta’ribeen raided “Hosh Abu Tayeh” in Ein Al-Lozeh and continued to randomly fire live bullets. The locals of Ein Al-Lozeh and especially the residents of “Hosh Abu Tayeh” suffered a state of fear due to the barbaric attack of Israeli forces. A large Israeli Special Force along with an infantry unit also raided the neighborhood of Ein A-Lozeh and were deployed in its streets and alleys.