The Supreme Court cancels the prison sentence of a minor and sentences a young man
May 5, 2015

The Israeli Supreme Court cancelled on Tuesday the 9-month prison sentence issued against the minor Mohammad Dari. Mohammad Mahmoud, Al-Dameer organization lawyer, explained that the Supreme Court’s judge cancelled the prison sentenced that was issued against his client Mohammad Dari and instead decided to change it into “free public work”. Lawyer Mahmoud explained that he had appealed the District court’s decision at the Supreme Court which accepted the appeal. Sentencing a young man On the other hand, the judge sentenced the 19-year old Mohammad Jamal Gheith for 35 months of actual imprisonment and a suspended probation of 6 months for three on charges of throwing Molotov Cocktails multiple times. Extension of arrest The Magistrate judge decided to release Mohammad Sharawneh with a 500-NIS bail, house-arrest for 5 days and a third-party bail of 5 thousand NIS. The judge also extended the arrest of Ali Mahmoud until next Monday, and Walid Mahmoud and Sha’ban Mahmoud until next Sunday.