Settlers take over three residential apartments in Silwan
May 6, 2015

The settlement organization of “Ateerat Cohen” took-over on Wednesday early morning three residential apartments owned by Abu Nab family in the “Middle Neighborhood” in Silwan under the pretext of being owned by the Jews before 1948. Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that nearly 20 settlers supported and protected by Special Forces personnel raided the “Middle Neighborhood” and reached the building of Abu Nab family through the settlement outpost adjacent to the building knows as “House of Honey”.  The settlers opened the main gate of the building and then broke the doors of the apartments using special tools and taking advantage of the absence of the owners as they have left one day before (Tuesday afternoon) to visit one of their brothers who lives in the 1948 lands. During the break-in and takeover, personnel from Abu Nab family and some neighbors confronted the settlers resulting in the breakout of clashes between the settlers and residents after the settlers tried to close the apartments’ windows through the roof of Rajabi family building but were prevented by the locals; settlers responded with spraying peppers gas towards the locals. The neighbors explained that they called the owners of the apartments (Ahmad and his brothers Mohammad and Naser) and they confirmed that they were on their way back but when they arrived at the entrance of the village, they were stopped by an Israeli patrol which interrogated them and then the neighbors lost contact with them. Abu Nab family has been living in the confiscated apartments since 1968 and nearly 15 individuals where half of them are children lived in the apartments. The family is renting the apartments from Abdelrazeq family but the settlement organizations claim that the building was a Jewish synagogue before 1948 and the family had changed the old building’s nature by adding another building to it. In 2002, the settlers asked to get the building under the pretext that Abu Nab family are no longer “protected tenants” after doing construction and adding to the building; they also requested to demolish the new building and pay the setters “rent”. The settlement organizations (Elad and Ateerat Cohen) have recently increased their take-over of residential properties in Silwan through several ways (falsification of documents, buying and selling through people). The number of settlement outposts in Silwan has increased to 39 including 6 in the “Middle Neighborhood”, 28 in the neighborhoods of Wadi Hilweh and Baydoun), two in Al-Farouk neighborhood, one outpost and settlers in Ras Al-Amoud, one in Al-Thori and one settlement outpost and one settlement in Wadi Al-Rababa.