The youth Mohammad Al Mughrabi is exposed to harsh interrogation in "20 Cells" and the spy cells.
July 11, 2015

Mohammad Al Mughrabi a 17 year old Jerusalemite was exposed to assault, psychological pressure and intimidated during his detention period at Al Maskubiye detention center for interrogation in west Jerusalem. Wadi Al Hilweh Information center stated that the Jerusalemite youth Mohammad Al Mughrabi -and despite his young age- was interrogated in " Cells 20", in addition to moving him for further interrogation in Bir Sheva Prison for 18 days in an attempt to force him and extort confessions of throwing Molotov cocktails on the settlement outpost of "Bait Orot" in al Suwaneh neighborhood east of Jerusalem's old city walls, in addition he was accused of participating in the clashes that took place in the city of Jerusalem after the young Mohammad Abu Khudeir was Martyred last  July. The Mughrabi youth said that he was arrested on the 22nd of June 2015 while walking in Al Suwaneh neighborhood by a unit called The Arabists "a police unit dressed in civilian clothes" along with two of his friends, hence they were attacked and live bullets were shot in the air. Al Mughrabi also said: "we were surprised when attacked by a group of people and it became later clear to us that they are from a police unit the arabists as soon as the Special Forces unit arrived, we were arrested and live shots were fired in the air, in addition to that we were beaten up and cursed at then they moved us to the settlement and blind folded us then from there they put us in an open area for two hours during which they assaulted us and photographed us". The Mughrabi youth added: we were moved to Al Maskobyeh detention center and were allowed to sit with a lawyer, then the interrogation started individually and we were accused of throwing Molotov cocktails in the direction of the settlement (Bait Orot), my arrest period was extended even though I denied these accusations and informed them that I was going to Al Aqsa mosque to pray Al Taraweeh Prayer, I was sent to court the next day with a pretext of gasoline smell existing on my hands". Al Mughrabi stated that in the beginning the police interrogation took place in "Room 4" at Al Maskobyeh, then after four days "the detective informed me that I am accused of throwing Molotov cocktails with sufficient evidence to submit an indictment against me and that I will be moved to prison until the court". He added that he was moved to Bir Sheva prison with two detainees, and detained in a room opposite a room that had almost 17 young men in it noting that it was allowed for them to move between the rooms and the outside area with freedom without any restrictions, the young men tried to get closer to him stating that they were from "the organization" and in charge of the detainees inside the prisons and that they will provide him with his needs since he is "a new prisoner", they added that there aim is his comfort and his protection and that they are Palestinian freedom fighter prisoners. "Spy Cells" Al Mughrabi also said: "it became clear to me later on that the young men are 'the spies' – occupation agents inside prisons- that try to extort confessions from the detainees, they tried to get closer to me and one of them even lead us as an Imam in the five Prayers and Al Taraweeh, they talked to me about religion, noting that when he was moved from Al Maskobyeh detention center to Bir Sheva prison a guy climbed onto the truck and told him that a group of young men are waiting for you in Bir Sheva prison to protect you. Al Mughrabi stated that after 3 days from being around these spies he was called to the interrogation room at Bir Sheva, the detective claimed that he had confessed to 'The spies' in participating in the clashes and throwing rocks, fireworks and Molotov cocktails in Jerusalem, but he denied this and confirmed that everything that was said was not correct. "20 Cells"… Subsequently the youth Al Mughrabi was moved to Al Maskobyeh detention center and was surprised to be moved to the "20 Cells" Intelligence interrogation, he remained in this cell for 14 days, he was exposed to continuous interrogation by 6 detectives from 9 to 12 hours daily while deprived from resting or sleeping. Al Mughrabi Said: "all through the interrogation I was sitting on a chair with my hands handcuffed behind me, I was prevented from moving and was provoked by directing abusive words about me and my family members, I was threatened that they would arrest them specifically my father and mother, in addition they threatened that they would demolish our house in Al-Tur and confiscate our car and get hassled by the Israeli departments, in addition to the assault by beating me". He pointed out that he was detained in a solitary cell that had an area of 6m2, with a bad smell, water cutouts for a few days, the temperature is raised or lowered suddenly, we don’t know the time or day we are completely isolated from our surroundings, we cannot sleep or rest and the food was bad, most of the days I had my Iftar meal in the interrogation room with a guy "a spy" whom tried to convince him to confess to the charges. He also added that during the interrogation the detective informed him that his friends had confessed against him, and one day he was moved in a police vehicle to the area around "Beit Orot" Settlement and during this he saw one of his friends and the police officer told him that your friend is conducting an act of how you threw the Molotov cocktails and he is confessing to the charges and there is no way you can deny them. In an attempt to intimidate the youth the detective informed him that his father had confessed against him, and during this he saw his father in one of the interrogation rooms through a small window isolated from the interrogation room that his father was in. The lawyer from Wadi Al Hilweh Information center – that followed up on the young Mughrabi case – stated that the Judge at the Magistrate Court decided before two days on Thursday (9 - 7 - 2015) to release his client for lack of evidence to submit an indictment against him, with a financial bail of 1500 Shekels and a house arrest for one week. The center pointed out that there are a lot of violations taking place when it comes to arresting minors, it is not allowed to interrogate them until the a social worker is informed and after receiving a legal advice from a lawyer, in addition to having a specialized inspector to interrogate a youth and photograph and record the interrogation. The center also said that according to the Israeli law ""Juvenile Law Item 9" each minor below the age of 14 years, interrogation times are between 7 Am until 8 Pm, and each minor between the age 14 – 18 interrogation times are between 7 Am until 10 Pm. The same item 9 stated that any minor suspected in committing any violation should be called in for interrogation with one of his parents present; in addition to that item 9 and 3 indicate that any minor an officer decides to arrest should be reported immediately to the behavior officer "Social worker".