Shufat Refugee camp: A young man was injured in his eye by a rubber bullet and another was arrested
July 12, 2015

Violent clashes broke out today afternoon in Shufat Refugee Camp, the occupying forces arrested a young man and wounded two others with rubber bullets. Thaer Fasfoos Fateh movement spokesman in Shufat Refugee Camp stated that violent clashes broke out in the Refugee Camp after the Arabists unit (undercover forces) arrested a young man from inside a commercial building in clothes shop. Fasfoos added that the undercover forces arrested the young man after a group of special occupying forces broke into the refugee camp to secure the exit of the undercover forces, during the process gas bombs and rubber bullets were fired heavily in the direction of the citizens. Fasfoos added that one of the young men was injured in his eye by a rubber bullet and was rushed to hospital, in addition another was injured in his stomach by a rubber bullet.