Mohammad Al Salaymeh is sentenced for 25 years in prison with a financial fine that reaches to a quarter million shekels.
July 14, 2015

    The District Court issued on Sunday a ruling of Actual imprisonment for 25 years on the young Jerusalemite Mohammad Mahmoud Al Salaymeh with charges of attempting to kill with a backdrop of "Nationalism" by executing a run over operation on Road number 1 in the city of Jerusalem. The lawyer of Al-Damir institution Mohammad Mahmoud stated that the judge at the District Court sentenced his client Al Salaymeh actual imprisonment for 25 years, prison with two years suspended for 3 years. The lawyer Mahmoud added the Courts Judge imposed his client a financial penalty of 240 thousand shekels, (a compensation for the 4 female soldiers that were injured during the run over operation), 200 thousand for two of the soldiers and 40 thousand for the other two. The young man Al Salaymeh was arrested on 06 – 03 -2015 after getting injured with bullet fired from "the security of the Metro" after executing the run over operation on female soldiers and a settler on road number 1. It is said that Al Salaymeh was hit with 3 bullets during his pursuit (a bullet in the hand, a bullet in the back and a bullet in his left foot), several surgeries were conducted on him and he was interrogated while he was in hospital and at the begging of his arrest several sessions were held in his absence due to his critical health situation.