Submitting indictments against 9 minors from Bait Hanina
July 14, 2015

  The Judges at the district and Magistrate court extended the detention of 4 Palestinians and provided the public prosecutor with indictments against 9 minors from the neighborhood of Bait Hanina. The lawyer of Al-Damir institution Mohammad Mahmoud stated that the Judge at the district court extended the detention period of the young man Mahmoud Abu Usbaa' that is accused of committing the stabbing operation in Jaffa Street in West Jerusalem until 14 – 07 – 2015. The Judge extended the detention of Atiyah Iwisat until 20 – 9 -2015, and Walid Aliyan until 10 – 09 – 2015 and Isam Nasser until 14 – 07 – 2015. The lawyer stated that the public prosecutor provided indictments to the Magistrate court against 3 minors who are: Mohammad Jaber, Mohammad Tayeh and Nour Abu Hadwan which included "throwing rocks at settler's vehicles in Bait Hanina". A Court session was appointed for Mohammad Abd Alrazek on 18 – 10 – 2015 and Mohammad Jaber Abasi on 06 – 10 – 2015 and Tawfiq Abu Idhem on 16 – 09 – 2015 and they are not arrested. The lawyer Mahmoud added that the Judge at the Magistrate Court decided to release the boy Ahmad Abu Gharbiyeh with a financial bail of 1500 Shekels and a one week house arrest and a guarantee from a 3rd party.   For his part, the lawyer at Wadi Hilwe information center stated that the public prosectutor gave indictments against Murad Alqam, SAleh Ishtayeh, Omar Yaseen, Omar AlTawil, Saif Altawil and Farid Altawil to the District Court that included throwing rocks at settler vehicles in Bait Hanina noting that they were arrested for several days and were recently released, indictments were given and the period of the house arrest imposed on them was extended.