Extending the Detention of 8 Jerusalemites and the release of one youth
July 14, 2015

The Judges at the District and Magistrate Court extended the detention of 8 Jerusalemites and decided to release one youth after remaining 18 days in the occupation cells. The Lawyer at Al-Damir institution Mohammad Mahmoud stated that the Judge at the Magistrate Court extended the detention of the minor Abd Al Razak Mustafa until 15 – 07 – 2015. He added that the judge extended the detention of the youth Suhaib Alawar and Fahmi Haymouni until the end of the legal and judicial procedures held against them. In addition, a session was held for the two youth Baker Almughrabi and Issa Abu Juma', and during the session (one of the terms of the indictment directed against them was canceled which is "throwing Molotov cocktails and fireworks"), another session for ruling was assigned for them on 12 – 10 – 2015. The lawyer Mahmoud stated that he has reached with the Public Prosecution to an agreement for the youth Mohammad Bseiso (13 months of imprisonment) with charges of throwing Molotov cocktails, a session was assigned for him on 18 – 8 – 2015 to set the ruling. The judge decided to release Adham Muhaisan after investigating with him in "20 Cells" for 18 days with a financial bail of a thousand shekels and a house arrest for 4 days and a third party guarantee. For his part, the lawyer at Wadi Hilwe information center stated that the Judge at the Majestirate Court extended the detention of Firas Nidal Mahmoud and Imad Mahmoud Abu Sbitan until 16 – 10 – 2015. He stated that the Police called in the child Akram Ali Mustafa for interrogation at Al Maskobyeh detention center, and after detaining him for several hours the released him without any terms or restriction.