350 Thousand Worshiper celebrate The Night of Power (Laylatul Qadr) at Al-Aqsa
July 14, 2015

  More than 350 Thousand worshiper participated in the evening prayer, Al Taraweeh and Al Witer at the Holy Aqsa Mosque to celebrate the Night of Power (on the 27th night of the Month of Ramadan). The Islamic Awkaf Department stated that tens of thousands from all the Palestinian cities, Muslims from Islamic states and Muslim communities from Europe flocked to Al-Aqsa today to celebrate The Night of Power to gain remuneration and reward. It is noted that the occupation applied restriction on the entry of Palestinians from the West Bank into Jerusalem to celebrate the Night of Power, hence they allowed a 1000 citizen only from Gaza to enter into Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa, in addition men below the age of 50 years and women whom are below the age of 30 years were forbidden entry into Jerusalem without "permits". At Herods Gate, The forces arrested the Leader Khader Adnan from the city of Jenin while heading to the Aqsa Mosque to perform the evening Prayer and Al Taraweeh with an excuse that he entered Jerusalem "without a Permit". The occupying forces had releases the Sheikh Khader Adnan early Sunday morning after arresting him administratively for 11 months. Due to the Israeli restrictions a group of Palestinians were injured with fractures and wounds during their attempt to reach Jerusalem. The Head of The Emergency Department in the Palestinian Red Crescent Society Dr. Ameen Abu Ghazaleh stated that 18 cases had been transferred to hospitals, most of them suffering from fractures in the hands and legs due to climbing the segregation wall, decrease of the sugar in the blood, blood pressure and Strokes. 11705096_802856566495110_1691742527346944325_n 11698564_804721919641908_7780593486241948948_n 11698492_804722016308565_3088410670702257068_n 11693958_804722032975230_3501236743581777317_n 1513208_804722246308542_8023199781886696298_n