The Ratification of the new route of the Metro in Jerusalem
July 13, 2015

The " Planning Commission and local construction" at the occupations Municipality ratified recently a new route for the Metro (Light Train) that splits the North of the city to the South and connects between the settlement of Gilo in the south and Mount Scopus north of Jerusalem, it also passes through settlement neighborhoods in occupied Jerusalem with a length of 19.6 Km. The commission also ratified a sub route with a length of 3km that reaches to the Industrial area the settlement of "Talpiot", with the presence of a study to add another sub route that reaches Al-Malha settlement located in south west Jerusalem. The plan was given to the District Committee for approval and to end this project in the year 2021. The new route was given the name "The Green Route", it begins from the students dormitory at the Hebrew University – Mount Scopus, where it passes from its junction there and the side of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood then "Bar Elan" road passing through the cities western entrance to the governmental ministries area in the middle of the city and then "Givat Rum" the Hebrew University, it also passes through the town of Bait Safafa and then a sub route is attached to make it reach to the industrial area of "Talpiot settlement", the new route ends at Gilo settlement south of the city of Jerusalem. It is noted that the Metro rail route was opened before four years after constructional works that lasted for more than 10 years, and it is the route that was given the name "The Red Route" that connects between the settlements north of Jerusalem – "Navi Yaqoub" and "Pisgat Ze'ev" settlements and with Jerusalem, it passes near the historical old city walls of occupied Jerusalem and reaches to the area of the displaced village of Ein Karem in the year 1948. The Metro project connected the Israeli settlements together and confiscated large areas of Palestinian lands.