The occupation army breaks in to the house of the Martyr Ghassan Abu Gamal
July 14, 2015

The occupation army broke in to the house of the Martyr Ghassan Abu Gamal on Tuesday in the village of Jabal al Mukaber south of the city of Jerusalem. Ma'awiya Abu Gamal stated to Wadi Hilwe information center that the occupying army broke in to his brother's house the Martyr Ghassan, a team of specialists examined the house walls, its foundations and the roof in preparation to blow it up as one of the officials informed him without notifying him of the execution date. Abu Gamal added that the forces photographed his brothers' house and the neighboring houses. Abu Gamal stated that in the Israeli Supreme Court ruling to "demolish the houses of Martyrs in Jerusalem" asked to not damage the neighboring houses. The house of the Martyr Abu Gamal is located amongst a residential building that consists of two floors, (4 apartments) and has 22 people living in it. The Martyr Ghassan Abu Gamal rose due to the occupation bullets after axecuting an operation in "Har Nof" synagogue in West Jerusalem, the home front commander issued a decree to demolish his house and it was approved by the Israeli Supreme Court on 31 – 12 – 2014.  

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