The citizen Nafeth Dumeiri loses his eye sight in the right eye after getting injured by a rubber bullet
July 14, 2015

Nafeth Dumeiri a 56 years old citizen lies in the intensive care at "Hadasah Ein Karem" Hospital after removing his right eye due to an injury caused by a rubber bullet shot at him by the occupations special forces during their break in to Shufat Refugee camp on Sunday (14 – 07 – 2015). Maher Dumeiri – the victims brother – said to Wadi Hilwe information center that his brother was on his way to his house in Ras Khamees neighborhood late afternoon last Sunday, he was surprised that the refugee camp was broken into by the Arabists unit and the special forces whom shot rubber bullets in a random manner in the area. Dumeiri stated that the tape for the surveillance camera revealed how his brother was targeted, he tried to flee from the gas bombs and managed to enter and hide inside one of the commercial buildings and during his presence inside a shop he was shot at by a rubber bullet in his eye. Dmeiri said that Nafeth's right eye was removed, he also sustained fractures to the skull and nose and a surgery was conducted at Hadasah Eim Karem Hospital that lasted for 6 hours. He also pointed out that the occupying forces located at the military checkpoint on the entrance of the refugee camp denied the ambulance from entering to transfer his brother, the young men used their own private vehicle to move him to Hadasah "Al Isawiye" Hospital, he was then rushed to "Ein Karem" Hospital due to his critical situation. The citizen Nafeth is Deaf and dumb, married and has a 14 years old son. 88   11063821_1586374031622722_7901001518300266211_n 11693843_1586374228289369_8800653649383221209_n 11737141_10153484624164511_1756449644_n     99999 900000