Guards assault two young men causing an injury of a fractured leg to one of them … Extensions
July 14, 2015

The young man Mohammad Aweidah was wounded today after being assaulted by Israeli guards while present in the area of "Mamila" in West Jerusalem causing him a leg fracture. The lawyer at Al-Dameer institution Mohammad Mahmoud stated that Israeli guards assaulted on Monday evening two young men Mohammad Aweidah and Muath Shyokhi during their presence in the area of Mamila under the pretext of "their attempt to commit a stabbing operation and assault the police", during that the police arrived and arrested both of them. He said that the judge at the Magistrate Court decided to release both the young men Muath Shyokhi and Khaled Aweidah. The lawyer Mahmous said the the young man Khaled Aweidah suffered from a fractured leg due to the assult, whereas Shyokhi suffered from bruises. He also added that the Judge decided to release Aweidah and Shyokhi under the terms that both keep their distance from the area of "Mamila" in West Jerusalem for two weeks with a third party guarantee in addition he imposed a financial guarantee of 1000 shekels on the young man Aweidah. Extensions On the other hand the Judge at the District Court extended the detention of the young man Mahmoud Abu Usba' – for pleading and judgment – until 16 – 09 -2015 and during today's session the "indictment was amended" noting that he is accused of stabbing a settler in Jaffa Street. The Lawyer Mahmoud added that an agreement was reached with the public prosecution for the young man Mohammad Anous (imprisinmont for two and a half months), and a session was arranged for 12 – 08 – 2015 to set the ruling. Both Sultan Alsayad and Mohammad Abu Juma' sttod in court and a session was set for both of them on 03 – 09 – 2015. In addition, Saleh Abu Assab was presented infront of the Judge and the release terms were amended for him (by erasing his deportation to the village of Bait Safafa and house arresting him in his house in Al Isawiye). Also, Husam Elian was presented to the court and the house arrest imposed on him was extended. Release The Judge decided to release Issam Nasser with a financial bail of a thousand Shekels and third party guarantee and a house arrest for 10 days.