Updated: the Release of the child Sultan Samer Sarhan
July 15, 2015

The occupation police released the 10 year old child Sultan Samer Sarhan on Wednesday evening after interrogating him for several hours in Al-Maskobye police detention center. Wadi Al Hilwe information center lawyer stated that the police released the child without restrictions or terms after interrogating him with charges of "throwing stones at a settler's vehicle parked in Al-Ein Street in the town of Silwan". From her part, the Child Sarhan's mother said the the Israeli forces "Special Unit" arrested her child when he was present at a shop in the neighborhood of Silwan, they took him to the police station at 'Sallah Al Din' Street – accompanied by his cousin – he was interrogated for throwing stones at a settlers vehicle in Silwan causing physical damage to it. His mother added that the detective intentionally scared and threatened he child Sultan during the interrogation. The child Sultan is the son of the martyr Samer Sarhan that ascended by bullets shot from the settlers guards in September 2010.