The occupying forces assault members of the Idris family causing cuts and bruises on them
July 15, 2015

"Masked" members of the occupation forces assaulted the Idris family members early Wednesday morning (15 – 07 – 2015) after breaking into the citizens house "Ahmad Taleb Idris" located in Al Thori neighborhood in the town of Silwan in order to execute an arrest warrant on one of his sons. Wadi Hilweh information center –Silwan - stated that the occupying forces used force and intended to assault the Idris family members, they injured several members with cuts and bruises and the children suffered from a state of fear and panic. The citizen Mohammad Taleb Idris said tens from the  occupations special forces broke into his brothers house Ahmad after surrounding it completely and climbed onto its roof and the roof tops of neighboring houses, they sent the men out the house and kept the women stranded on a couch inside and were stopped from moving. Idris added that the occupying forces completely searched his brothers' house and intended to sabotage and destroy its contents and stopped his relatives from reaching him to check on the family members. He also said that verbal altercations took place between the family and the occupying forces whom assaulted the females by spraying them with pepper gas and pushed them, 4 women were injured ranging in age between 34 – 40 years, in addition the child Ghada Idris 3 years of age was pushed. He stated that the forces hit the young men with batons and the points of their rifles during which Taleb Idris 24 years old was injured with bruises, swelling and cuts in his face and different parts of his body, in addition Ashraf Idris was injured with multiple bruises and burns in his face after spraying him with pepper gas. He said that the forces arrested Amjad Idris and his father Ahmad Idris, Taleb Idris and Zakariyah Idris and moved them to "Al Maskobyeh detention center". Extension and release… From his part, Al-Dameer institution lawyer said that the Judge at the Magistrate Court decided to detain the young man Amjad Idris until 17 – 07 – 2015, and decided to release his father Ahmad and both his cousins Zakariyah and Taleb with a financial bail.